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Waiuku grab the points against neighbours Papakura

Waiuku maintained their status of being the best team in Franklin with a 3-1 win over Papakura at Massey Park. After beating their other rivals Pukekohe 6-0 a few weeks back, Waiuku ensured that both teams remain pointless at the bottom of the table.

Waiuku were without Sam van Pomeron so Robert Hatton stood in at centre back. Papakura started the strongest and put pressure on the Waiuku back line. However Waiuku took the lead when right back Andy Millynn floated a cross in which Derek Sinclair nodded into the path of Cody Ralph. Ralph ran a few yards and his shot beat Papakura keeper Shane Hummels and hit the top left corner of the goal. Straight away Waiuku went 2-0 up. Goalkeeper Phil van den Broek's long clearance bounced between Hummels in goal and Stu Greenaway in the Papakura back line and Ralph ran on to slot the ball into the back of the net. Papakura came close when Ricky Espinoza chased a ball down the left and his cross was met first time by Dean Delaney, the leagues leading goalscorer in 2009, but his volley was tipped round the post by van den Broek. The resulting corner skimmed the bar when a attacking header was tipped over by van den Broek. Papakura had the chance to pull a goal back when Delaney fell on the ball in the penalty area but the ref pointed to the spot. However justice was served when Espinoza made a meal of it and dragged his penalty wide.

Waiuku sat back and defended while Papakura enjoyed most of the possession but a quick counter attack saw Waiuku go three up. Danny Baldwin floated a ball into Sinclair and while Ralph pulled a marker with him, Sinclair didnt need him and simply chipped the ball into the top left corner creating an uproar amongst the supporters on the home deck. Papakura came close again when van den Broek held onto the ball longer than six seconds but the ball didnt fall Papakuras way and the Waiuku defence cleared. The visitors task became more difficult when their centre midfield player was sent from the field with his second yellow card. However with nine minutes yet to play, Delaney got clear of the Waiuku back line and slotted for his first goal of the season. Simon Millynn and Mitchel Thomasen came on from Danny Baldwin and Cody Ralph and Waiuku closed the game out. Jamie Pegg was taken from the field in an ambulance after a dangerous elbow from Diego Rinquest in what was the only disappointment for the Waiuku side.

Coach Jim Evans said "It doesnt matter who holds onto the ball the longest it is about taking your chances. We know our strengths and we played to those today and while we defended for long periods of time we were always dangerous on the break. Again we saw some class finishing from our attackers but I was very happy with the way our whole team defended and kept its shape. Phil Donovan got man of the match today with a solid performance but I though Millynn and van den Broek ran him close."

Team: P van den Broek, A Millynn, P Donovan, J Hubbard (vc), R Hatton, W Trout, R Leonard, D Baldwin (M Thomasen 70), J Pegg (C Heather 88), Derek Sinclair, C Ralph (c) (S Millynn 75)

Subs not used: V Reibold, D Winter

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