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Youth Development go down at 3 Kings (Ellk Hider)

Arriving at Keith Hay Park, the lads got changed and we went off to find our pitch. On doing so, we were informed that it had recently been two mini pitches but had been transformed into one larger pitch. However, it was still tiny in comparison to a regular sized pitch and this reduced the Develpoment's ability to exploit wide positions or use our pace to good effect. Waiuku started well and began passing the ball intelligently. However, due to the congested field, it became a battle for the midfield. 3 Kings were a solid team and played good football, testing our defence and giving good practical opposition for the lads to cope with. However, inexperience hit us midway into the first half. A wayward challenge on the right allowed the 3 Kings attacker a route down our flank and a cross. This subsequently struck the raised arm of one of our players and the ref (Volunteer from 3 Kings spectators) had no choice but to point to the spot. It was a shame as our goal had not been threatened before this point but Stuart Ruddell prepared himself accordingly. In came the penalty to Stuart's right and he made a fine save, pushing the ball wide and keeping it at 0-0. As the game wore on, it was obvious that we were tiring 3 Kings out as they continually subbed players, whilst we were able to maintain a reasonable stable line up. A great shot from Lev looked destined for a goal but their keeper somehow turned the ball away. 

Into the second half and more of the same. Both teams looked for the opening, but neither seemed to have that final touch in the last 3rd. Then once again, inexprience caught us out and this time we were made to pay. In pushing forward, we were found wanting and out of position on our left when we lost possession. As a result, a quick through ball from 3 Kings allowed two unmarked players down our left and towards the box. A cross and waiting forward needed no further invitaion and  a simple knock in put us 1-0 down. It was a sickener as we looked like we would hold out. but also a valuable lesson to players about their responsabilities. Still, we had time and the lads responded well by going for the equalizer. Unfortunately, dispite our efforts, we were unable to claw a goal back and it finished 1-0 to 3 Kings.

Although it was a defeat, we can take comfort in the growing talent we do have. Our play was better than the previous week and the opposition definitely stronger. ALL the players in the squad did well, but special praise to Shaun Morris and Thomas McKee for outstanding defending, whilst both Roddie Peat and Shane Holmes ran their hearts out for the team. On speaking to the 3 Kings coach at the end of the game, he praised the ability of the team and was surprised at the ages of our younger players. He ws also thankful it was such a small pitch! There is still room for improvement and always will be, but the side is coming together well. Competion for positions is high and so it is down to individuals to strive to improve their play, fitness and attitude to make the starting 11. Keep it up lads!!

Man of the match could have gone to a number of players, but Stauart Ruddell pipped them for it for his penalty save, command of his area and talking.

Next weeks game is home to Eastern Surburbs at the Waiuku College. KO 1pm.

A final thank you to Coster for providing the squad with our new black Waiuku Youth Development Squad Polo Shirts.

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