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Waiuku out of the Chatham Cup at first hurdle

Waiuku went down to hard working Waitemata in the second round of the Chatham Cup at McLeod Park on Saturday. Waiuku made some changes to the team, resting some key personnel, hoping that the depth that Waiuku had created this year would put their hand up and look to selection for next weeks game.

Waitemata matched Waiuku in the first half without looking threatening on goal. Waiuku nearly scored first when Jamie Pegg got free on the left and Robbie Leonard hit the cross bar with a right footed volley. Straight away Waitemata went down the other end and scored. Pegg got beaten on the right and the cross found an unmarked attacker who slotted home past Justin Baldwin making his first start in six weeks. Ten minutes later Waiuku equalised. Simon Millynn got free on the right, drew the keeper and scored from a tight angle. Just before halftime Leonard was carried off the field with an ankle injury after a bad tackle earned a yellow card.

Waitemata took the lead again early in the second half when a through ball was dropped by Baldwin and left to the Waitemata striker to hit an empty net. Then came the turning point of the game. Robert Hatton went up for an aerial challenge that left both players on the ground but he got up to see a straight red card which left both benches astonished. Two minutes later, Waitemata got a dubious penalty when a shot hit Elliott Crean on the back of the elbow but the Waitemata defender made no mistake to put his team 3-1 up. Waitemata got another penalty several minutes earlier as Baldwin in goal was adjudged to push a player out of the way as he went to collect a cross and again the defender made no mistake. Substitute Cody Ralph got on the scoresheet at the end after Phil Donovan sent him free. Final score 4-2

Coach Jim Evans was relaxed with the result "It was tough to decide this year whether the Chatham Cup took any priority with a lot of focus on making the top six in the grading competition this year. I am happy enough that we wont be playing when teams around us on the table are playing in the competition. However I was disappointed with the way the guys played today and Waitemata definitely deserved to win"

Team: Justin Baldwin, Robert Hatton, Sam van Pomeron, Jerry Hubbard (c), Jamie Pegg (Mitchell Thomasen 70), Andrew Millynn, Robbie Leonard (Cody Ralph 45), Simon Millynn (Charlie Heather 70), Elliott Crean, Derek Sinclair

Subs not used: Phil van den Broek, Evan Crean

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"The last compile" above, said: "Yellow Emperor's fifth child Qingyang students play bow positive outlook outlook arc star, before the system bows and arrows, commanding Zhangxing, due surnamed Zhang.

Last Name Dynasty ", added:" Hui made the sagittal, a glimpse at the sheets, after the bow's Zhang, Wang out of Taiyuan.

Su Tung pointed out: "surname Zhang, Wang, Li, Zhao, the Yellow Emperor."

Records from the above three paragraphs seems, surnamed Zhang ancestors can be traced back to five thousand years ago the Chinese nation began Yellow Emperor, is a direct descendant of the Yellow Emperor, and do not have to be like many other surnames, be subject to a fee effort cheap coach purses to beat around the bush to find Huang Yanzi Sun proof. Just that, surnamed Zhang necessary fortunate than others air much.

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This one passed down directly by the Yellow Emperor, surnamed Zhang, coach outlet store the original birthplace of the in this Shanxi Province, Taiyuan vicinity.

To about three thousand years ago in the Zhou Dynasty, the Yellow Emperor, the other two JiXing offspring, but also for the surname Zhang. First, Zhangshi genealogical sequence, according to Yuan Yuan Jue said: "surnamed Zhang for Jixing to Sunday's by progenitor in South Korea, was looking to twelve, said Xiangyang, Luoyang, Hedong, Shixing, Feng Yi, Wu Jun, plains, Qinghe river, Zhongshan, said Wei, said Shu. "

Second, based on the "Annals clan Strategy," said: "solvability Zhang Jin, coach factory online word Zhang Hou, and since the State of Jin began Zhang; out Qinghe, Nanyang, Wu Jun, stability (in Gansu Province) Dunhuang, Wuwei, Fan Yang, Qian Wei, copious, Leung Kwok, Zhongshan, Ji County, Hanoi, Cao Bang 14 Hope. "

This shows that surnamed Zhang JiXing, of course, is five thousand years ago by the Yellow Emperor surname surnames, but, after two thousand years to the Zhou Dynasty, established by Emperor Wen surnamed descendants South Korea and the State of Jin, but also there are people who for the surname Zhang, this two surname but came from behind to reproduce a wide, in Xiangyang, Luoyang coach factory outlet 26 places are prominent families. Therefore, the Han Zhang surname retrospectively louis vuitton purses up although the same as the Yellow Emperor Huangdi's's descendants, but its too surname of successively have other, of the tribe also have a different, later making surnamed Zhang became Han a common surname of, the main is coach factory outlet online Zhang surname of descendants, they family adult congregation to propagate to this day, almost as long as the Chinese place, surnamed Zhang.

Historical surnamed Zhang's large pool of multi-disabilities, brain many outstanding enough to incite the envy others, six countries Lien Heng Shi Qin Zhang Yi began lobbying from the Warring States period, loaded with historical records of the ages among the Feats and achievements of people surnamed Zhang, Feats on them not coach factory only out to get ahead, but also coach outlet online a coach outlet great contribution to the coach outlet online academic, artistic, and medical.

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