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Improved display gives YDS victory at Eastern Suburbs

After our last performance we were looking for a show of improvement away to Eastern Suburbs at Crossfield Reserve. Unfortunately, prior to the game we had lost Thomas, Dylan Smyth-kirk and Shaun who were away and Stuart in goal, who was injured during training. Thanks then to Ryan Lundenburg, who stepped up from the 3rds to go in goal for his YDS debut. Thanks also to the 3rds for allowing Ryan to come to us and in return, we were able to allow Scott to play for them as we had two scheduled subs for our match and they were also short. However, arriving at Crossfields, we soon found out that we did not have our expected sub and so had to play with the bare 11.

Having re-organised our side, we moved Kyle Watson to centre back and Dylan Thompson to right back, with Roddy moving to right wing and Gareth joining Levin up front. Kicking off, we showed some lovely football, with passes going to our players and intelligent runs made up front that soon had Suburbs worried. Challenges were strong and it was obvious the lads wanted to show they were better than our last match. Indeed, in the first half we could have had three goals if fortune had favoured us. A great through ball found Roddy unmarked on the right of the box. Running in, he was only able to shoot straight at the keeper, who saved comfortably. However, it was a positive sign and a few minutes earlier, Gareth turned well on the edge of the box and shot. Only for the keeper to pull off a great save, pushing the ball onto the crossbar and out for one of numerous corners. Then Roddy had another opportunity, but again saw his goal bound header saved by the keeper. It was not all one way though, as Suburbs made a fight of it and continually hit us on the breaks. However, time and time again, Kyle appeared to appear from no-where to put in an important tackle and save the day. Then an error at the back allowed the Suburbs forward a clear run on goal. Out came Ryan and pulled off a great save with his leg to keep the score 0-0.

Half-time was greeted with confidence and a feeling that we could go on and take the game. However, to do so, I moved Gareth to the right wing in a defensive mode and put Roddy up front. Within minutes we were again pushing suburbs, stretching them with our football and fitness. Then the inevitable. Another attack and up pops Levin to finish a move and we were 1-0 up and which was a fitting reward for his efforts.  Having taken the lead in our last game, only to surrender it movents later, I was wary and told the lads to keep it tight. However, a slip again at the back and the Suburb's forward was able to get clear and finish in our bottom right corner. Still, it was marginally against the run of play and Waiuku came straight back at Suburbs, forcing desperate saves by the keeper and blocks galore by their defence. Then, as the second half wore on, we won another corner. Over it came and Levin, the smallest player on the pitch, leaps like a salmon and powers a header into the net. 2-1 Waiuku! From there we continued to attack and indeed, great work from Gareth and Roddy saw the ball squared on the edge of the 6 yard box to Levin, but as he swung at it, he missed the ball and so his hatrick!! However, there was still some time to go and Suburbs raised their game and it was our turn to defend with desperation, kicking two goal bound shots away in the resulting melees. As I walked' the line, I looked at my watch and noted we had played 6 minutes extra and was praying for the ref to blow. Instead, Suburbs continued to batter us, but Waiuku stood firm until, finally, the ref blew for full time and we won 2-1!

As a game, it was both great and exciting to watch. It was also frustrating at some points, but the lads once again, brought their game level up and got their reward. Man of the match I gave to Kyle Watson for his defensive display, although special praise must go to the rest of the team for a solid performnce that sent our travelling fans home happy.

Next week we are at home to Otahuhu at Massey Park with a 1pm KO.



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There are many students smoking in senior high school,D&G Wallets 14 the reason may be that they think they look cool or appear to be more mature while having a cigarette at hand.But there are a lot of reasons not to smoke. Smoking does harm to our health.It is dangerous to our heart and lung.D&G Wallets 12 A lot of diseases are caused by cigarettes.Cigarettes also have terrible smell.The seconghand smoke can also be dangerous to the others who stand around you. Therefore, no smoking in public is a strict regulation in many countries.D&G Wallets 13 And the most important thing is that once you come into addicitive,it's hard to get rid of it. So,we must keep far from the cigarette——for everybody's health.A kind of little car may someday take the place of today's big ones. If people drive such cars in the future, there will be less pollution in the air. There will be more space for parking in cities. The streets will be less crowded. And driving will be safer as these little cars can go only 65 km per hour. The future cars will be fine for getting round a city, but they will not be useful for long trips. Little cars will go 200km, before needing to stop for more gas.Christian Louboutin Women Shoes 52 If big cars are still used along with the small ones, two sets of roads will be needed in the future. Some roads will be used for the big fast cars and other roads will be needed for the slow and small ones. It's said that three such little cars fit in the space now needed for one car the usual size.Honesty is a long-lasting virtue of people and is regarded as the most important quality. People give admiration to those people who are honest, while hate those who often tell lies.Christian Louboutin Women Shoes 51 However, some people say that in market economy, honesty tends to be less important. But in my point of view, honesty will never be out of date no matter how the situation changes. Firstly, honesty is always the mainstream in our society and those people who are sincere are respected. On the contrast, the dishonest will be excluded by others. Christian Louboutin Women Shoes 50 Secondly, no matter in the daily life or in business, people would like to build relationships with the honest. Honesty is the basis of true friendship. In the business, those who make money at the cost of honesty certainly will pay the price in someday. Finally, honesty should become part of our personality that we should treat it as the most valuable fortune of ours. It may not brings you material benefit, but you spirit must be rich.In China, almost all students learn English, no matter they are pupils or undergraduates. Unkut Wool HatsSome people think that there is no need for Chinese to learn English, because after graduation, it is no use at all. I don't think so. English is the most widely used language in the world, and most business letters are written in English. With the deepening of reform and opening up, our Chinese and foreign exchanges increase greatly, so English must be the necessity. Besides, learning English well can help us better learn the advanced experience from foreign countries. Mniluka Wool HatsIt's beneficial for us to service our nation. In addition, learning English is a quite funny thing which enable us to explore a wider world.

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Secondly, people of each generation should not develop a very high feeling about themselves.Gucci Wallets 15 In order to do that, they should not think that they are the only right people in their family because each person has his or her own limitations.Gucci Wallets 13 Teenagers would realize that their parents have to struggle with pain to support them financially, and they would stop rebelling their strictness. Gucci Wallets 14Parents would realize that their children’s new style does no harm to their studies and stop imposing their own unsuitable standards on their children.Finally, the generation gap and its bad effects can be limited if all members cooperate to build up a close-knit family relationship and a harmonious atmosphere in which they are open and tolerant of each other. I strongly believe that each family, by doing that, can enjoy a cozy atmosphere with minimum interference by the generation gap.Recently,Christian Louboutin Women Shoes 70 I have seen an impressive film—“Meet the Parents”, which is about a woman Palm brought her boyfriend Greg to her parents’ home to spend holiday. In the film, Greg was so dishonest to Palm’s parents that Palm’s father is suspicious of his behavior and quality. As a result, Greg is obnoxious to all and has to leave. As far as I am concerned, the consequence is heavily caused by his dishonesty. Christian Louboutin Women Shoes 69If Greg could be real him all the time, he would get much respect and appreciation and would not get much frustration. From the film, I have learned that being honest was extremely important and necessary. In other words, being honest is a basic principle for us to deal with others.For one thing, we will not get others’ trust unless we are honest.Christian Louboutin Women Shoes 68 If we deceive others, we would get the same in return, and even no one would make friends with us or even communicate with us. For another, we will get others’ respect and appreciation if telling the truth. Telling the truth and being ourselves, we will get a healthy and peaceful surrounding to grow up better.However, something strange happens in our society. There is a strange phenomenon that honest people suffer but the dishonest benefit a lot.Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Hats It made some people have a suspicion that being honest is not so important.But I still believe that these are just a few cases, since honesty is deeply rooted in our minds and we still consider it as a basic principle in social contacts.With the fast development of human society and the improvement of life standard, private car has become more and more common in our country, especially in cities. It brings some benefit for us but also causes many problems at the same time.Taking into consideration both sides of the issue,Minnesota Twins Hats I am inclined to be on the side of the former opinion. I strongly approve of the motion that distant education is a convenient and important way for students to get in touch with foreign culture, especially for those who major in foreign language learning.

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