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YDS enjoy their day at the seaside!

With a much changed and small squad making the trip up to Seaside Park, Otahuhu, the YDS were unsure how things would pan out. Missing 6 players from the previous week who were either with the Reserves or away, we were looking desperate for players. Fortunately, volunteers were found to more than fill the gap, which enabled us to have two subs in Harrison McKee and myself on the bench. 

Once again, AFF had appointed us a Referee (Could get used to this!) and we started the game on a warm afternoon. Initially, our play was scrappy but unsurprising given the unfamiliar look of the team and too many passes were going astray. As a result, Otahuhu, who were playing the more fluid football were giving us the run around to begin with. However, with the calming influence of Dale and Jason Oliver in midfield and Chris at Centre back, we began to settle and string the moves together. With both Shane Holmes and Niko using both flanks well, we began to put Otahuhu under some pressure, allowing Dylan and Shane Oliver to attack the defence. This nearly paid off midway through the first half as Dylan found himself in space on the edge of the area and attempted to flick the ball over the advancing keeper. He made it but the ball went wide. Still, it showed the gaps were appearing. However, Otahuhu had attacking qualities too and Scott, Kyle, Chris and in particular, Shaun were having to put in some strong tackles to keep the score level. Then, towards the end of the first half, we got a break. A cross/shot from the left looked as though it was going into the right of the Otahuhu goal, when up came a defender's hand to knock it away. Penalty to Waiuku but surprisingly, no red card for the defender! Up stepped Dale who put the ball into the back of the net with confidence and we were 1-0 up!

Remembering the previous week when we also went 1-0 but lost 1-2, the word was concentration! Otahuhu came straight back at us and credit to the younger lads, we continued to put in some strong challenges, some of which Otahuhu took exception too, but being honest, were just strong tackles. Mind you, Shane Holmes'  challenge on the Otahuhu midfielder did resemble a Jackie Chan move and I was surprised he was not booked!! Fortunately the referee must have seen it as youthful exuberance!!

Towards the end of the first half, we made a change and brought on Harrison on the left wing, giving Niko a well earned breather and it remained 1-0 until half time. 

Kicking off the second half, we were now confident that the team were playing well and we could kill of the game. As a result, with Otahuhu tiring under the heat and strain of chasing our younger members, we were controlling midfield and beginning to pepper the goal. In one such move, a great cross from the right went over everyone's head and found Harrison on the left and unmarked on the edge of the 6 yard box. With a confidence and quality well beyond his experience, he hit the ball with his left foot and it flew past the keeper and we were up 2-0! It was a great goal and well deserved and it was clear Harrison enjoyed it! Going 2-0 down, Otahuhu began to look dejected and we were controlling the whole game. With about 20 minutes to go, Shane Oliver needed a breather so on I went up front (I couldn't do any harm up there!), whilst Scott Withers was also given a  well earned rest, with Harrison moving to left back and Niko coming back on to the left wing. Within a couple of minutes, a clever quick throw in from Kyle Watson put me clear of the defence (I don't think they realised I couldn't be offside from a throw in!). As I turned to run, I was just outside the area and decided to just hit the ball. Unfortunately, it must have been with the peg leg as it was one of those shots that rolls down your shin before leaving and as a result, was more like a pass back!  Opps!! Shortly after that, we had a rude warning as the Otahuhu striker hit a ball from the edge of the area. Ryan flew to block it but it was a dipping effort and went over him, hitting the bar and coming back into play! That attack seemed to give an impetus to Otahuhu and they started to attack with vigour again. However, the lads did well and throwing their bodies on the line, kept them at bay! Then, as the final whistle beckoned, a great through ball from midfield bounced in front of me midway in Otahuhu's half. With Dylan making an intelligent run, I flicked the ball through with my head and Dylan was running clear in on goal. However, as he was lining up the shot, I could clearly see he was being tugged back by the defender and this put his shot off. Unfortunately, the Referee didn't see it but it did not matter as shortly afterwards, the final whistle went and we had won our first game! 

Thanks to those that were kind enough to come and play for us at very short notice and to those supporters that travelled. Outstanding players were Shaun at right back and Dylan again for his running and chasing down, but the Man of the Match this week went to Chris. Next week we are home at George St against one of the 3 Kings teams in our Division, Ko 1pm.



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In a word, reading is significant in our lives and we should value the chance to read and read more.
As is known to us all,D&G Wallets 4 time spent at university is an utter worthwhile and important period in our lives. In the period, we can enjoy the colorfulness of university life; at the same time, D&G Wallets 3the experience and challenges provide us a good chance to know and understand ourselves so that we are easier to find our positions in the future.For one thing, a variety of knowledge and experiences provide a convenient way and chance to broaden our horizon and strengthen our ability in many areas. At university, D&G Wallets 2we can search and receive various knowledge concerning different subjects by many ways, such as library, internet and so on. Besides, attending many kinds of activities is a good choice to improve our communication skills and widen our interpersonal relationships.Christian Louboutin Women Shoes 106 The more people we get in touch with, the more ways can we get and learn to get along with others. Only in this way can we learn how to deal with others in relationship.For another, the experience and challenges we meet in university have a great impact on our personality forming and the understanding for us. Christian Louboutin Women Shoes 105In this period, we will form some opinions and understandings about ourselves after experiencing some matters and meeting some challenges; meanwhile, some certain characters and values which will affect and even determine our choices of position in future will be shaped and formed. Christian Louboutin Women Shoes 104Therefore, we should try our best to catch up the chance to study at university and value the time at university so that we will have no regret for our life.With the fast development of technology and the improvement of people’s life standard, the increasing number of mobile phones has become more high-end but available. It is widely accepted that mobile phone has been an indispensable part in our lives.As the most convenient communication tool, mobile phone has been a wide-used tool in our lives.Obey Adjustable Hats For one thing, there is no doubt that mobile phone provides a convenient way for us to communicate with others at any time without meeting them in person. It has helped us save much time and resources when it provides convenience for us in communication at the same time. For another, mobile phone has also brought convenience to our study and work. For example, students can use mobile phone to look up the electronic dictionary and read e-books whenever and wherever possible, as well as look glance over many news and information every day.However, there are also some people contending the disadvantages of mobile phone.Supreme Adjustable Hats For instance, many students use mobile phone to play games or read novels day and night and cannot concentrate on their studies. In addition, using mobile phone also causes some bad influence for user’s health.

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