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Reserves Battle for Good Draw

 A strong second half performance from the Waiuku reserves saw them hold second place Mangere Utd to a goalless draw at Centre Park on Saturday.

Once again due to injuries and in the first team, coach Jason Heather was forced into some changes. Scott Petersen returned to center back and Grant Mills replaced Caine Robbie at left back. First team regulars Simon Millynn and Robbie Leonard who were both returning from injuries took their place in the middle of the park for some much needed game time.

A mostly uneventful first half saw both teams probing for weaknesses in their opposition the Mangere strikers opting to shoot from distance but never really troubling Stu Ruddell in the Waiuku goal. One moment of hope for the visitors saw Jesse Smyth-Kirk volley the ball into the top corner but referee disallowed the goal when he saw Smyth-Kirk handle the ball before shooting.

The second half started with a bit more vigor and Mangere were almost immediately on the score sheet when a through ball foiled the defense but keeper Ruddell was on hand to save well down to his right. This was to be a series of fine saves by the young keeper as Mangere piled on the pressure and proving why they’re early contenders for the reserve league title. Firstly, after a clever dummy and early shot from just inside the box Ruddell was again down to his right with great agility to deny the opener. Waiuku rallied and managed to stem the onslaught and created some good chances of their own. Leonard and Millynn proving their first team status buy getting shots off but kept out by the woodwork and the Mangere keeper. The home side caught Waiuku pushing up a few times but again Ruddell came off his line well to make some vital clearances. Smyth-Kirk could’ve sealed the win in the dying minutes when a perfect pass from captain Phil Donovan put him clean through only to be denied by the Mangere keeper. But the young Waiuku keeper was to have the last say in a thrilling second half. With literally seconds to go a long drive from Mangere was neatly held ensuring the visitors went home with a well-earned point.

Coach Jason Heather was happy with the result; he said, “All the players did a fantastic job against a strong opposition. The boys are setting themselves higher standards every week and pushing hard for that elusive first team spot. I was particularly happy with Stu in goal today, he showed some mature decision making under pressure. Overall though it was a great team performance from everyone”. 

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