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This weekend saw the Reserves travel to Madills Farm to take on top of the league Eastern Suburbs. This was thought to be a big ask for the team as the back line up was once again different with Jesse Smyth-Kirk in left back & captain Nick Ruygrok in centre back. But from the kick off the Blues seemed to be holding its own in midfield & up front. The defence were starting to settle into their positions marshalled well by Jason Oliver & Ruygrok. Owen Hill & Parinya Imyim (Ardin) in midfield sent some nice balls through to Johnny Whittaker & Caine Robbie. In the 17th min keeper Phil Van Den Broek took a goal kick which went to Whittaker who took on the defender & scored. This was a surprize but a well deserved goal. This stratled Suburbs which resulted in them putting pressure on us & from a corner kick they equalized. This did not faze the Blues they continued to play the ball around & in the 40th min Van Den Broek launched another ball up to Whittaker whom tricked & teased Suburbs defence before putting the ball in the back of the net. Half time score 2.1 to Waiuku.
Second half saw the Blues full of confidence which saw them sending controlled passes to each other much to the delight of Our Supporters. In the 55th min of play Suburbs introduced two very capable players which resulted in their equalizing goal. Once more Waiuku took control of the game & after some pressure from Robbie & Whittaker Suburbs conceded a corner. Prawet Waenthongkhasi (Vet) stepped up took the corner placed it hard & low to Ardin who took a shot only to be deflected by Robbie into the path of Eric Rozeboom to score His first goal this season. Suburbs came back with avengence but Waiuku's defence held strong to deny any more attempts. The Blues attacked again with Whittaker pouncing on a miss cleared ball & poached his 3rd goal sealing the victory for Waiuku 4.2. Coach Peter Van Den Broek had nothing but praise for the new defencive line up & the team & had a hard job picking man of the match finally giving it to Ruygrok.
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