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Waiuku started against Mt Albert Ponsonby (MAP) at George St School on a pitch that could have been in better condition. Both teams came out to play but MAP showed a bit more dominance in the first 10 mins while the Blues took time to settle. Once this happend the Blues created numerious attacks from out wide from Dion Potter & Prawet Waenthongkhasi (Vet) almost resulting in Greg Seed scoring also Vet with a one on one only to be denied by a brave MAP keeper. MAP applied pressure of their own & received a corner which keeper Phil Van Den Broek punched clear. The game then went end for end & both teams struggled with ball control. Waiuku looked more likely to score & kept pressing but to no avail. MAP managed to hang on for a nil all draw at half time.
The second half started much the same as the end of the first half with Waiuku pressing forward but not being able to break the MAP defence. After a tacktical change by the Blues bringing on Matty Whittaker the game started to change. 10 mins later on comes Stephen Pepping into left back pushing Jesse Smyth-Kirk up front. Waiuku created a nice move down the left side Whittaker passing the ball to Vet whom beat his marker to play the ball square across the face of the goal only to be hand balled by a MAP defender resulting in a penalty. Smyth-Kirk steps up & calmly slots the ball past the keeper in the 78th min. From then on the Blues took control & secured a well deserved win. Man of the Match went to Jason Oliver for an outstanding performance. Well done boys.
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# Jesse Smyth-kirk
Monday, 2 June 2008 10:19 a.m.
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