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Waiuku Premier Prizegiving Send Off

The Waiuku premier side closed off their first season in Northern One with one defeat in the last 8 games to finish mid table and eight points off the play off spot. During this run the side managed to bleed in a number of promising youth players who have big potential for 2009.

“It was a great finish to the season and we know where we dropped the points during the year which could have gained us the extra eight points. However as a first up season, we couldn't have asked for more and with some extra planning going into 2009 it should give us extra momentum.
I am extremely proud of the team and especially how we managed to keep going after losing our captain Logan Drain halfway through the season. Logan is a player that has led from the front for a number of years and a lot of the success we have had over the years is due to a massive contribution from Logan. However Logan’s career took precedent as of course it should and Cody Ralph took the armband with Jerry Hubbard claiming vice captain. Any other team in Franklin would have capitulated but it has always been one of our strengths to gather together and work even harder. Leadership is about standing up and supporting each other and making sure that extra work goes into helping the team’s weakest links. Cody, Jerry and the rest of the team did that and credit to the team in going forward yet again.  
Waiuku actually tied with Manurewa for points in the second round which again shows the progress we had made over the season. We beat Ngarawahia 7-4 at Massey Park, drew 0-0 with eventual winners Manurewa and beat Mangere under lights 2-0 with a younger side. Other highlights include beating Onehunga Sports, a premier team, 2-1 in the Chatham Cup. We know we have the ability and next year we have to be more consistent week in week out.  
Thanks to the committee for supporting us once again and special thanks must go to Alistair for his work on the Massey Park pitch. On numerous occasions, comments were made from other teams commenting on its quality. Pete and Annie for their support in the reserve team. The Ralph family for getting in behind us – Keith for your knowledge and Sandy for being our physio and keeping the players on the pitch. Rob Oliver for the work you do behind the scenes, tying up loose ends and mentoring the players.
We are in good shape for next season with some new signings and the youth players coming through. We will have a squad, and just as importantly a team spirit, that will be able to compete and push towards promotion into the Premier League. Our training facility is one of the best in the league and will further improve next year. Have a good summer everyone and see you in January.”
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