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Waiuku beaten by resurgent Mangere Town

Waiuku took on Mangere at the fortress Massey Park on Saturday with their home unbeaten record proudly in check. However that was all changed by a resurgent Mangere who have signed new players to try and keep the team from being relegated into the Auckland federations. Waiuku dropped from fourth to sixth due to other results which damages their chances of a top two finish.

Waiuku started strongly against Mangere and a fast flowing move which involved Danny Baldwin and Cody Ralph ended up on the right wing where Jamie Peggs twenty yard shot came back of the crossbar. Mangere, along with some quick movement off the ball had a powerful combination up front with African Kindness Agwu and goalscoring machine Sandip Singh causing problems. Both teams were still trying to get into the game when Mangere took the front. Waiuku lost possession of the football just inside their half and when the ball was played to Agwu he hit a first time shot from 25 yards that absolutely rocketed into the top right hand corner. Goalkeeper Justin Baldwin didnt have time to move. They increased their lead shortly after when Singh went on a mazy run beating Pegg and Davie Johnson on the left before crossing to Agwu who vollyed home his second goal of the day. Mangere were increasing the pressure and went 3-0 up when a corner was not cleared properly and the ball ended up at Singhs feet at the back post who vollyed home.

Waiuku were playing into a strong wind and with the prospect of going into halftime three behind they rallyed together. After good work from Sam van Pomeron and Wayne Trout the ball released Baldwin on the wing but his shot was partially cleared by the Mangere keeper. Ralph and Jesse Smyth Kirk were quickest to react but Ralph got their first to peg one back.

Waiuku buoyed by the goal attacked from the start and nearly got their second when Ralph and Baldwin broke the offside trap. However even though the linesman's flag stayed down the referee brought them back with the ball ending up in the back of the net. That didnt deter Waiuku and Baldwin got free again and when he took on the Mangere keeper he was brought down - penalty. The Mangere keeper stayed on the pitch but couldnt keep out the Ralph penalty. Another set of attacks saw Smyth Park break free but his drive ended up over the bar while his own mazy run was dragged back into the path of Trout who first hit the post and then the keeper palmed the rebound round the post. Ralph had a corner cleared off the line while Jerry Hubbard was millimetres away from the equaliser with one of his famous shots.

Just as it looked like the equaliser was coming, Mangere exteneded their lead with a harsh looking penalty of their own. A Mangere attacker ran into the back of Johnson but a penalty was given for obstruction. Singh gave Baldwin no chance in goal. Ralph nearly got one back when his first time lob narrowly missed with the keeper well beaten but the final score was 4-2.

Coach Jim Evans was gutted with the result "So close but so far and the changing room was very quiet today. We had four players with the flu that is going around but they still got out there and gave it one hell of a shot. Today we just didnt have the luck and they seemed to have plenty. That is just the way football goes sometimes. I thought Dale Oliver who played his first game today after injury played exceptionally but captain Cody Ralph gets man of the match for his determination and his running off the ball."

Team: Justin Baldwin, David Johnson, Jerry Hubbard (vc), Grant Muckle, Dale Oliver, Danny Baldwin, Jamie Pegg, Wayne Trout, Sam van Pomeron, Cody Ralph (c), Jesse Smyth Kirk (Vaughan Banfield 75)

Subs not used: Phil van den Broek, Robbie Thornton, Charlie Heather, Scott Petersen,

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