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Create and send us your own photo slide-shows!!

If you have sets of digital photos that you would like to contribute to the website, it is a relatively easy process!

We have found that the tidiest way to bring your digital soccer photography to the club website is by getting some help from For all you bebo users out there, you've probably already used this slide-show designer to put pics on your page but you may have got there a slightly different way :)

Basically we have a 3 or 4 step process to making this happen, but once you've been through it once you will realise just how easy it can be:

This process is as simple as signing up for any hotmail account or online service. You can quickly and easily create a new account with your personal username and password.

  • Upload your photos

Once you have a set of photos, they need to be uploaded to your account.

  • Make your slide-show

With a couple of clicks, the website allows you to select some or all of your photos and join them into a slide-show. You then have a great deal of control over what the slide-show looks like. You can choose from many display effects and picture frames so let your creative instincts take over!

  • Send the "Embed" code to us

Once you've finished making the slide-show, will give you a messy looking web code which you can copy and paste, it looks like:

 <div><embed name="flashticker" align="9" src="" width="526" height="420" scale="noscale" loop="loop" menu="menu" wmode="transparent" quality="high" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed>
<div style="width: 526px; text-align: left"><a target="_blank" href=";ad=0&amp;id=1080863910569255347&amp;map=1"><img ismap="ismap" border="0" alt="" src="" /></a> <a target="_blank" href=";ad=0&amp;id=1080863910569255347&amp;map=2"><img ismap="ismap" border="0" alt="" src="" /></a></div>

For the time being, please copy and paste this code and email to and we'll hook it up to the photo's page for you.



Wolf and Beaver Premiers

Onehunga Mangere 3
Tauranga City 3
Hibiscus Coast 3
Warkworth 3
North Shore 3
Mangere 3
Western Springs 0
Fencibles 0
Manukau City 0
Waiuku 0
Matamata 0
Papakura  0


Women's Championship

Lynn Avon 41
Pukekohe 40
Papakura 34
Three Kings 31
Eastern Suburbs 27
Western Springs 26
Waiuku 19
Ellerslie 19
Fencibles 17
Bay Olympic 16
Bucklands Beach 4


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